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Since the AAR program began in 1975, nearly 8,000 automotive repair facilities have been approved in the United States and Canada. Initially, the AAR program certified only general mechanical repair businesses. More recently, however, AAA/CAA clubs have had option to also approve collision repair centers (Approved Auto Body). Specialty auto repair (Service) facilities and auto glass (Approved Auto Glass) businesses.

AAA's Approved Auto RepairĀ® Program assures AAA members quality auto care service from facilities that have passed our stringent standards for manpower, appearance, equipment, customer service, ASE certified technicians, and scope of automotive services provided.

AAA continuously monitors the performance of qualified facilities, ensuring that stringent minimum standards are constantly maintained.

AAA approval is available to any auto repair facility which can meet AAA's standards and is willing to provide service according to the AAA Approved Auto Repair contract. Approval cannot be purchased.

Simply show your AAA membership card to any repair facility displaying the AAR sign before any work is done and the facility will provide:

(1) Free maintenance inspection with other paid service. A written recommendation of any needed maintenance or repairs will be given to you upon request.

(2) A written estimate and guarantee that the price will be within 10% of that estimate unless you authorize otherwise.

(3) A limited warranty of 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, under normal operating conditions.

(4) A 10% discount on regularly priced parts and labor, up to $50.

(5) AAA's investigation and resolution of any dispute involving the AAA member and an approved facility. Each facility has agreed to abide by AAA's decision.

With the complexity of today's cars the need for good communication between customers and repair facilities is critical. A common mistake made by customers is telling the technician what to do, rather than what needs to be corrected on their car.

When communicating with the technician or service advisor, it is important to describe exactly what problem(s) you wish to have corrected. You may find that you will need to be a little flexible about leaving your car at the facility, i.e., if you are trying to correct a cold starting problem, it may be necessary to leave the car overnight in order to recreate the cold start condition.

Communication with your service advisor is sometimes the most important part of your repair experience, and can ensure that the repair facility delivers reliable work at a fair price. A spirit of partnership speeds accurate diagnosis and saves you money.

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